Groningen City Signs Clean Transport Deal

The municipal government of Groningen yesterday signed a deal with the business community and Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG) for sustainable transport in the city centre. The Convenant Duurzame Stadslogistiek (Covenant on Sustainable Urban Logistics), which includes signatures from the Groningen City Club, the Central Association for Ambulatory Trade (CVAH) and VNO-NCW Noord, among others, is designed to make the medieval city centre less congested and cleaner. Groningen has grown in population size in recent years, from […]

City Central Keeps Up The Good Work

The social-integration organisation City Central has continued to help international people integrate with Dutch society as they host their third-ever ‘Q Tea Bubble Tea’ event this afternoon. The bubble tea events are designed to drum up interest in the organisation and to encourage those new to Groningen to meet people in a similar situation to themselves. City Central was established in January of this year, and has since sought to achieve these goals through various […]

Veganism in Ireland, to be or not to be?

The 1st of November marks World Vegan Day. As the vegan trend continues to grow, so has the demand for  vegan food items in Irish grocery stores and restaurants. “We’ve come a long way in a short time” said Galway Chef Jess Murphy to the Irish Times describing what it’s like to be vegan in Ireland, “you no longer have to go into a health food shop smelling of patchouli oil to find oat and almond […]